Piran is calling!

Piran is calling!

It was absolutely unplanned trip! Usually Matjaž likes to say that he is a bad organizer but a good improviser. Well, quite plausible judgment about himself. :)

After one working day we went to the Slovenian sea coast, which during the night reminded me the South of Crimea. The more I see the more I think that I had seen it somewhere before. :) Next morning pleased us with definitely spring sun, sometimes I even didn’t use my coat.

Piran is a very beautiful place and quite similar to Italian towns, by the way only after Second World War Piran belongs to Slovenia. Even now Italian language is an official language along with Slovenian in PiranO.

The town has an amazing panorama from the top of the hill. Also it was nice and easy to walk from Piran to Portorož – so-called “Russian” resort, because usually there are many Russians there. The only one small disappointment I met in Piran – there were no beaches in my understanding of beaches. Only stones all along the sea coast.

The journey was completed by delicious Istrian fish from the Adriatic sea (Jadransko morje).