About me

Viktoria Shnurova, Vika, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 28 years old, libra, html-coder, economist by diploma.

A bit rude, egoistic, happy dreamer, hard-working, honest, jealous, kind, optimist, lazy, not that stupid, not that open-minded, responsible, silent, smiling, stubborn, touchy, witty, with a poor memory.
I’m good.

7 years of working in one it-company, have been to 23 countries, 7 short-term international workcamps, a few mistakes.

I’ve been to (before and during EVS)
Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Malta, Egypt, Israel, France, Finland, Italy, Vatican, Portugal, The Netherlands, Greece, Serbia, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Austria, Monaco, San Marino, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I like
Traveling, reading, Vincent van Gogh’s pictures, juggling, Converse sneakers, bubble blower, sky, fields, poppy, purple, laugh, dark hair, detective stories, MacBook, Canon, cats, Slavs, mini-cooper, owls.

F.M. Dostoevsky, V. Hugo «Les Miserables», A.P. Chehov, W. Somerset Maugham, history, detective stories.

Аквариум, Dire Straits, Parov Stelar, reggae, indie rock.

«Ищите женщину», Silence of the Sea, Inside I’m dancing, french movies.

I want
To see Cape Town with penguins, Argentina, Rio de Janeiro, Ireland; to fly in a hot air balloon; to do African safari; to hike on Triglav; to be satisfied with my EVS in Slovenia.

You can ask me about anything you want on Formspring.