Here, I’m going to write how I felt during the project. At first days here I felt handless at all, and everyone seemed to be more mature than I was. First I was a bit sad because of it, but now I realize that probably it’s a normal thing to feel like that when you are in a new country among new circumstances of living.

So I decided to imagine myself as an embryo in the womb of the mother (Slovenia will be a womb for me for next 11 months). After 2 weeks here I noticed that this embryo started to have some first attributes of a human being :) So let’s see who I’ll become after the whole evs project.

I feel arrived to Slovenia (16 Nov)
I feel I met too many new people and places for one evening
I feel I want to see my mother (17 Nov, morning)
I feel hiking in Lubnik
I feel empty Ljubljana
I feel Lipica, and the biggest family I could ever imagine
I feel I don’t know if I like Slovenia
I feel guest
I feel glad that I have Silvia as my flatmate
I feel I don’t know Matjaž (boss)
I feel confuse
I feel I like Ukraine
I feel child
I feel handless (many times)
I feel Škofja Loka is bigger than I imagined
I feel Slovenians are slavic
I feel Slovenians are prettier than Ukrainians in general
I feel too many people in our flat
I feel very impressed by Ana-Marija (in a good way)
I feel I’m in Yugoslavia
I feel lucky: I have a good mentor and a good work-coordinator
I feel night trip in the car
I feel Croatia
I feel the sea!
I feel too many cats
I feel hospitality of Cene
I feel I’ve never seen such beautiful sky before
I feel I like Croatian sea coast
I feel grateful
I feel absolutely good in Slovenia! (first time for 10 days here, Croatia helped) (26 Nov, evening)
I feel good in our evs flat
I feel being a “designer” :)
I feel I can’t make my own opinion about people here, because I have too many other people’s opinions
I feel Slovenians drink alcohol too much (I know that Ukrainian person can’t be a good judge about it)
I feel Slovenians are generous
I feel good attitude towards my Slavic origin
I feel I’ll be never able to axe small wooden sticks
I feel shopping
I feel happy: I bought jeans I wanted :)
I feel snow and the winter (2 Dec)
I feel it would be better not to read Enrico’s evs report
I feel Slovenia (1st time): I’m heating the flat alone, at first time! (3 Dec)
I feel I have hands (finally I got them back) :)
I feel sinner since I was beaten a bit on St. Nicolas night
I feel happy like a child, St. Nicolas brought us presents
I feel in a hurry
I feel angry
I feel cold
I feel full of free food on a presentation in Lujbljana
I feel I like NY decoration of Lujbljana
I feel I don’t like rock that much (rock concert in Metelkova)
I feel “Let it be” as a motto for my EVS here
I feel I saw the border of Slovenia and Italy
I feel 10 minutes in Italy (7 Dec)
I feel cool
I feel I’m among very good people here
I feel lucky that we have Matjaž :)
I feel too much snow (8 Dec)
I feel I’ve been here for 3 weeks and I didn’t see Bled yet :-/
I feel I still don’t miss home and anyone (8 Dec)


I feel gladness (11 Dec)
I feel EVS party in Krko
I feel I met a handsome Serbian
I feel teenager (dancing half of the night)
I feel 1 month in Slovenia (16 Dec)
I feel so FULL of emotions
I feel a lunch in Medvode with 3 evs’s and one strange slovenian guy
I feel Silvia is leaving Slovenia for Spain for holidays
I feel foggy Venice
I feel Palazzo Ducale
I feel little Udine
I feel a night in a flat of gay couple
I feel Ana-Marija and her Italian friends
I feel Slovenian-Italian border, Nova Gorica
I feel a good date
I feel “lopovi, lopovi”
I feel po celoj Ljubljani… glej samo kako se lizajo
I feel I’m decorating Bamboo – EVS Christmas tree
I feel we are watching movie on Catholic Christmas night
I feel a nice Christmas lunch with Ana Furlan’s family
I feel surprised – I’ve got so many presents!
I feel Potica is very tasty in Lipica’s house
I feel Škofja Loka is alive during veseli december
I feel “I Had The Time of My Life” at Disco 70-80s
I feel Matjaž is carrying me on his shoulders from Ostriga to home
I feel Esther is making me smile
I feel Čompe concert – getting an autograph and a kiss :)
I feel good staying alone in our flat
I feel I’m in the car with 6 Slovenian guys crossing Croatian border on 30 of December
I feel Zagreb
I feel there is more fun in Zagreb than in Ljubljana
I feel Matjaž, Cene, me and Croatian couple are running to the main square to meet New Year there
I feel we need 3 minutes more :)
I feel New Year in the middle of unknown street
I feel Petra is beautiful
I feel 1st of January 2013 is a right time to see a cemetery in Zagreb
I feel empty Zagreb
I feel “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” – one of the best movies ever
I feel Chinese food
I feel unplanned trip to the Sea cost
I feel Piran by night looks like Crimea
I feel spring
I feel Piran is beautiful
I feel sardines :)
I feel Orthodox Christmas night in Serbian Orthodox church(7 Jan)
I feel Matjaž is the best boss in Slovenia – he went with me to the Orthodox church in Ljubljana
I feel people are too loud around the church
I feel I saw a fox in the night
I feel doing something wrong (7 Jan)
I feel been attacked too much
I feel I don’t know what I want
I feel Janiz arrived (another EVS)
I feel I like Latvians :)
I feel I can be a guide
I feel doing my own web-site
I feel empty Celje
I feel Vanilla time
I feel burjak
I feel Krina Gora
I feel amazing food
I feel Slovenia (2d time): laying on the Pe after having dinner
I feel snowy night road home in mountains
I feel like A Rolling Stone (14 Jan)
I feel really unhappy, first time since I’m in Slovenia
I feel “we are not stupid we are just special” on Slovenian language classes
I feel guljash – lunch at Gapi’s home
I feel Fargo views in winter Škofja Loka
I feel Slovenian men know how to cook well :)
I feel bad mood
I feel I spoil other people mood on skype
I feel talking can solve many “problems”
I feel chocolate “Viki”
I feel lentil – lunch in Medvode (Raquel and Luca cooked)
I feel Medvode – 2nd time for 1 day
I feel 2 months in Slovenia (16 Jan)
I feel Slovenia (3d time): I bought hiking shoes – Škofja Loka style
I feel sleepy watching Life of Pi
I feel Slovenia (4th time): I bought slovenian pullover “Elan” in second hand shop
I feel I’m dancing medieval dances in Škofja Loka
I feel Spanish night in our flat
I feel hockey
I feel Ljubljana has lost 1:6 to Linz
I feel I could never try horse burger
I feel got so many postcards from friends
I feel Lubnik (2nd time)
I feel on arrival training in Lesce
I feel overfed
I feel I can’t say No to delicious food
I feel hitchhiking to Bled (first time in my life)
I feel gladness – we finished our project on time!
I feel iMovie
I feel I know how to edit video!
I feel trainers made me feel stress
I feel Kremnita (Bled cream cake) – 3 for 1 day
I feel Belgium man jokes too much about Ukrainians
I feel I really like Portuguese people
I feel the girl I didn’t like before is teaching me Kuduru :)
I feel I know I ate too much
I feel it’s good to come back to Škofja Loka
I feel depressed (25 Jan)
I feel changing my values
I feel I don’t want to have a boyfriend, never ever
I feel if I hear one more time about previous or future EVSes of Zavod O I’ll be really mad
I feel not enough memory to remember all things which happened here for 40 days
I feel I would die if I were a house-wife
I feel I want to work


I feel Stari Grad (Divja Loka) in Škofja Loka by night (25 Jan)
I feel I don’t like sankanje
I feel original ompe CD
I feel Hungarians are too quiet
I feel “old-good-times” pre-Bi Pati thanks to Tina Vatic
I feel Bi Pati
I feel a big city – Ostriga is overcrowded!
I feel Slovenians like to kiss and touch at the “disco”… too much unlike Ukrainians
I feel shame: epic fail with pancakes
I feel my character: I didn’t give up and successfully won my fight with pancakes
I feel glad that Ana Furlan wants to talk to me in Russian :)
I feel working in the office for the first time after 2 months and a half of the break
I feel “ken lee tulibu dibu douchoo”
I feel fest in Kranj (8 Feb)
I feel tragic sound of bombarding in Kranj’s underground tunnels
I feel I know about France Preeren more than average Slovenian
I feel “the world is too small”, especially if you do your EVS in Slovenia :)
I feel COLDness in the flat, again
I feel I forgot to write about Jesharna
I feel life is extremely FAST here: the things which happened to me on Thursday morning I can hardly remember by Friday evening
I feel farewell party for Luca in Medvode
I feel Pust in Ostriga
I feel I’m a penguin
I feel Carnival in Ptuj
I feel fed up of traveling
I feel Luca leaves :( (11 Feb)
I feel I want to have a few husbands at the same time – guys are cooking in our flat :)
I feel a great pizza made by Gapi using the real old pe
I feel I’ve become fatter for 4 kg – now I have the biggest weight in my life – 62 kg (12 Feb)
I feel empty Lipica
I feel I can cut those small wooden sticks more or less
I feel ruzica
I feel my first guest in Škofja Loka – Ania (EVS from Russia)
I feel shaking hand of the mayor of Škofja Loka
I feel the lead singer of Melodrom is the sexiest girl I’ve seen for the last few years
I feel Stari Vrh nad Skofjo Loko
I feel Gapi teaches me how to ski
I feel I like ski (surprisingly)
I feel 3 months in Slovenia (16 Feb)
I feel Italian sea coast
I feel Trst
I feel we are waiting for Matjaž too long when he left for looking for pizzeria
I feel love to Koper
I feel Janis birthday
I feel we are playing unique Škofja Loka board game, made by previous EVSes
I feel Ivan’s birthday
I feel good time at Disklka :)
I feel terrible headache all day long
I feel I cut Matjaž’s beard successfully (more or less)
I feel I have a cold for the first time here (25 Feb)
I feel 10 great days in Belgium and Lille (1 -11 Mar)
I feel good-Wednesday-alcohol party :)
I feel a very “rocky point” about things I’m doing here – too much fun, no work (14 Mar)
I feel Janis moves to the flat below
I feel former EVS Marie and her boyfriend Dan appear on the EVS “stage”
I feel Erhan (3d EVS) arrived
I feel I would like to go to Ukraine for a few days
I feel 4 months in Slovenia (16 Mar)
I feel hitch-hiking with Silvia (Škofja Loka -> Medvode -> Škofja Loka)
I feel amazing house of EVSes in Medvode
I feel sounds of hang
I feel snow… again and again (18 Mar)
I feel night Škofja Loka and surroundings
I feel Erhan plays Middle Eastern music on Ney
I feel I prefer my dreams to the reality
I feel fed up of this EVS (22 Mar)
I feel “prison” – small town, the same people, idleness
I feel “Брат 2″ – my first Russian movie since I’m here, again this one of my favorite movies keeps me alive… uff :)
I feel Ratitovec – another hiking in the snow
I feel shame for my 10 days depression
I feel the impression of Mito Gegi’s works
I feel a good trip to Soa river
I feel crossing Austrian border for a half an hour
I feel Balkan party in Medvode
I feel Catholic Easter
I feel Orthodox church and kavarna Zvezda in Ljubljana
I feel rainy Ljubljana
I feel disappearance of Erhan for a couple of days
I feel Erhan’s birthday
I feel 3 great days in Vienna
I feel I really like Hana inkovec
I feel no love towards Ostriga
I feel nice view of Škofja Loka from the top of the hill
I feel that for some people in Škofja Loka it’s too hard to open mouth to say hello
I feel spring – drinking coffee with Tina Vatic close to the river
I feel I miss a lot my Ukrainian friends, finally (11 Apr)
I feel I throw away our Christmas tree, at least before 1st of May :)
I feel Creep (Radiohead) – finally, thanks to Silvia, I understood the meaning of the lyrics “What the hell am I doing here I don’t belong here.”
I feel Slovenia (5th time): we are picking up leaves of dandelions to eat them
I feel Klagenfurt and surroundings
I feel Slovenian-flag-story
I feel 5 months in Slovenia (16 Apr)
I feel shaving Matjaž beard
I feel safari in Škofja Loka – wild rabbit, the butt of roe deer, possible fox, marten
I feel Ukrainian evening in Medvode
I feel drunk like hell, the worst alcohol poisoning during last 5 years (never drink gin)
I feel only aspirin works
I feel “Zabranjeno puenje” concert
I feel we are posing for a possible poster against the privatization of water in Slovenia
I feel a good time in spring Lipica
I feel climbing Osovnik + lightning and the thunder
I feel technical museum of Slovenia
I feel a good dinner prepared by Ana-Marija for all of us
I feel defrosting our refrigerator
I feel dancing Slovenian dance on the street with a guy who is going to get married next week
I feel good tasks – making web sites, finally
I feel a lot of fun while we are making promo video for our EVS party
I feel sunny Austria and the lake from the puzzle I had in childhood
I feel serious Munich
I feel the worst place for sleep in my life – basement from horror movie
I feel team spirit – Silvia, Erhan, Matjaž and me sleep together for 3 nights in this basement
I feel wonderful Innsbruck
I feel Orthodox Easter!
I feel Pivni in Slovenia :-)
I feel “Kultur Shock” concert
I feel 4 days with my Ukrainian friends around Slovenia: Škofja Loka, Ljubljana, Kranj, Bled, Bohinj, Savica, Piran, Portoroz, Predjama, Lubnik
I feel Slovenia (6th time): Savica waterfall – one of the best thing I’ve ever seen
I feel Predjama castle after midnight one of the most horrifying places in the world
I feel new EVS form Bulgaria – Anastasia
I feel Silvia’s and my pictures of windows in Ostriga (Galerija Mrea)
I feel kind, peaceful and beautiful EVS party
I feel good free food at the opening of one local bar
I feel Tina Vatic is really cool
I feel a huge hedgehog
I feel we are trying to open a “beach” season, still a bit cold
I feel fail dinner
I feel shame, we didn’t leave food for Silvia
I feel 6 months in Slovenia (16 May)


I feel crowded Škofja Loka – Mesto v Barvah
I feel crapy festival in Kranj and S.A.R.S.
I feel my first public dancing performance in Karlovac (Croatia)
I feel I took 3d place among 11 contestants in Canaps competition (after Spanish girls)
I feel Medieval dances in Bled
I feel easy hick to Blego
I feel Katalena – free concert in Ljubljana
I feel Midterm evaluation in Korte
I feel trips to Koper and Piran
I feel Bale
I feel colorful Croatian sea side
I feel 7 months in Slovenia (16 June)
I feel good performance at Historial in Škofja Loka
I feel I like Ani
I feel Matjaž’s birthday
I feel too much useless information from Gapi
I feel a bit sick again
I feel my French/Belgium friend Gauthier is in Slovenia
I feel nice walking with Silvia to Medvode
I feel fresh vegetables grown in the garden of EVSes from Medvode
I feel a terrible pain in my feet for a few days
I feel GoOpti bus to Venice
I feel wonderful Paris again!
I feel preparation time to Italian trip
I feel great Cte d’Azur, Monaco, Ligurien sea coast, Toscana, San Marino and ugly Rimini
I feel 8 months in Slovenia (16 Jul), despite the fact that I’m in Italy
I feel a huge disappointment with my work camp in Italy
I feel running away back to Slovenia with Dasha – Russian girl
I feel saved home :)
I feel being a guide, a host, an old sister for Dash during the next week
I feel farewell party for Raquel (EVS in Medvode)
I feel cool Cres island in Croatia
I feel a night on the beach
I feel crazy hike up in the middle of the hot day
I feel an article about us (EVS) in Loki utrip
I feel 5 new EVS arrived
I feel gipsy music in Kamnik
I feel gratitude that Ani is willing to accept another Bulgarian girl in her room
I feel a nice rocky hike with Ana Furlan and Nejc Jemec to Kamniko-Savinjske Alpe
I feel welcome party for new EVS in Ostriga
I feel Silvia came back from her 1 month trip around Balkan
I feel Bohinj, Bled with new EVS
I feel “fed up” of lakes
I feel a visit of two my friends from my hometown
I feel borring concert of Tame Impala
I feel Lubnik for the 4th time
I feel exhausted of being a guide again
I feel bad, because my friends are sure that I have to know everything about Slovenia since I live here for almost 1 year
I feel I don’t care which kind of Social programs Slovenia has for her population, I don’t care about the translation for all “those” Slovenians words on the signs, and all those dates which are important in a historical way for Šk-Loka or Ljubljana
I feel stress – 7 people are living in our flat + we keep the stuff of 8th person
I feel I’m not sure that I will have the same good attitude towards all my friends in Ukraine, attitude that I had before doing EVS
I feel an escape from the flat to the empty office
I feel I need silence and the rest of all people I know, it’s very hard to be in the “society” for 9 months continuously… at least for me
I feel I want to be alone for a few days without anyone asking me something otherwise I will go crazy and will cry constantly
I feel that I will come back to Ukraine with a huge depression but not because I would miss Slovenia and EVS time, but of being exhausted and haggard from inside
I feel constant internal pressure that I don’t have time for finishing Zavod O site and doing new one for Atelje CLOBB
I feel I’m calming down, everything is not so bad
I feel 9 months in Slovenia (16 Aug)


I feel Dnevi v parku organized by Atelje CLOBB
I feel jealousy
I feel disappointment with Nadiža river
I feel gladness that I saw Ruska kapelica (Russian chapel) built by Russian prisoners I World War
I feel we went to pick up borovnica (blueberry) when the season is over
I feel watching “Silence of the lambs” in the middle of the night
I feel mysterious Slovenia having a nice walk in the rainy evening
I feel a nice Bulgarian evening in Ostriga
I feel Bulgarians I know are cool
I feel Atelje CLOBB site is done for 5 days!
I feel working hard and constantly under Zavod O site
I feel no time for new posts in my blog
I feel cycling from the office to kebab place (my farthest destination in Slovenia:)
I feel Silvia has a cool Argentinian friend who came to visit her
I feel my first going out in Metelkova – all night long
I feel nice morning coffee time with Ani
I feel mushroom soup and a nice dinner organized by Ana-Marija and Erhan
I feel the evening of jokes about vomiting and Gregor taxi driver
I feel Logarska dolina and Rinka waterfall
I feel I have a nice idea what to present Silvia for her birthday
I feel I’m not welcomed for one dinner at our flat
I feel cool surprise party in Ostriga for Silvia’s birthday
I feel irritation with some people in Ostriga
I feel a weekend trip to Bale and Rovinj
I feel some EVSes want to stay in SLovenia after the project
I feel obscurity as for my future after 16 October
I feel defrosting the refrigerator again
I feel piles of empty bottles next to the entrance door in our flat
I feel unexpected visit of Brunel Muba
I feel Zavod O site is done and released!
I feel a lot of content to upload on the site
I feel we are planting a tree (lipa) in Sobslav (Czech Republic)
I feel a chance meeting with Škofja Loka guy Sao
I feel Medieval festival in Tabor (Czech Republic), which is not Medieval at all :)
I feel I’m a bit fed up with this Medieval stuff in my life
I feel “sometimes age comes alone… without a wisdom”. I’m shocked with the most stupid joke I could imagine from the people over 50 year old
I feel difference in mentalities
I feel Slovenia traditional village music for 3 days in our bus
I feel Slovenia (7th time): dancing Polka with Slovenian guy in the little Bavarian town – Bad Ktzting
I feel the biggest generosity (of the food) from Slovenian people. The generosity which can’t happen in Ukraine
I feel Škofja Loka mayor is a cool guy
I feel a lot of questions like “when do you come back” and “what are you going to do after”
I feel 10 months in Slovenia (16 Sep)
I feel good gulys cooked by Jaka
I feel 1 month left. aaa!!!


I feel saying goodbye to Todor at train station
I feel we are too much into astrological signs: now I’m Libra, Capricorn and Sagittarius
I feel dinner in gostilna Starman
I feel Nastya in our flat
I feel basketball: Slovenia vs. Ukraine
I feel cool tickets on EuroBasket arranged by Brunel Muba
I feel old and tired to go to Metelkova
I feel homy birthday party in iri
I feel Maribor and nice Graz
I feel meeting Ilze (former EVS) in Graz
I feel kocjanske jame with Ana and Nejc
I feel cozy village tanjel
I feel I hear very important words (25 Sep)
I feel a skype interview for Ukrainian TV channel – telling about volunteering
I feel opening of Atelje
I feel Silvia’s last day in Škofja Loka
I feel a big event in Ostriga
I feel foreigner
I feel I’m following people with asking to write something for memory (Silvia’s present)
I feel good responses about web-sites that I’ve done here
I feel driving Silvia to the airport
I feel I’m counting original bills for the whole year – I have more for 200 Euro :)
I feel a nice dinner and evening organized by Tina and Ivan
I feel a great night cleaning action in our flat
I feel a ticket to back home from Vienna
I feel my Birthday
I feel hiking to Krina Gora with Ani and Janis on my BD
I feel my Dutch friend Roy’s arriving
I feel nice fish dinner with Matjaž in Ljubljana
I feel beer evening in our flat
I feel changing of the ticket to back home, now from Belgrade :)
I feel walking tour around Škofja Loka with Roy
I feel “she is nice” instead of “estnajst” (sixteen)
I feel our “windows” pictures are selling in Ostriga
I feel mine blue window from Greece is sold for 16 Euro
I feel the plane “has run away” from Roy :)
I feel great evening cycling with Roy to Sv. Duh
I feel a red sunset behind Lubnik
I feel I was waiting for a person from the Netherlands to start cycling in Slovenia :)
I feel a party in Ostriga with Cigaret burek by Erhan
I feel picking up Andrea in Ljubljana – new EVS (instead of Silvia)
I feel the preparation for celebration Tina’s and my birthdays in our flat
I feel stress
I feel a lot of food
I feel the “wildest” party in our flat with dancing until 6 a.m. (me until 4:30 a.m. :)
I feel nice cycling to Lipica with Matjaž, Roy and Andrea
I feel Monday
I feel Roy’s leaving :( – the person whom I was waiting least of all, appeared to be the best guest
I feel Ani’s Taekwondo workshop
I feel nice Itailian dinner by Andrea
I feel a great Turkish dinner by Erhan – feel like in Turkish restaurant
I feel Nastya from Medvode is visiting me in Šk-Loka
I feel rain, missing Silvia, 6 days left
I feel buying presents in Ljubljana
I feel Slovenia (8th time): leaving my white old sneakers in Ljubljana, hanged on the wire at one street
I feel Stori
I feel Andrea’s humor
I feel lasagna
I feel Stori all over my body next morning
I feel a ride to Bled on motor bike
I feel amazing autumn Bled and Bohinj
I feel 205 km/h on the highway
I feel happy
I feel cleaning my room
I feel nice group coffee time in Homan
I feel packing time and a lot of stuff
I feel arriving of new EVS – Morgan from London
I feel a bit impressed by her not-english-appearance-according-my-stereotypes :-)
I feel “last” dinner. Thank you, Tina and Matjaž
I feel everybody still feels Stori in their legs
I feel “last” night in my room-nest
I feel 11 months in Slovenia (16 Oct)
I feel the last day of being EVS volunteer
I feel I had a good EVS time in a good country with nice people around me
I feel last moments
I feel group coffee in Homan
I feel leaving Škofja Loka for a short tour to Bosnia / Belgrade and then to Ukraine.

I feel happy to meet Sanja in Banja Luka after 6 years
I feel Bosnia is tasty but quite destroyed
I feel we love Belgrade
I feel “is there a life after EVS” :)

P. P. S.
I feel getting married to Matjaž, he-he-he :D (23 Apr 2014)

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