Celje – Vanilla time!

Celje – Vanilla time!

Slovenia is a small country but a real fairyland. For one week I had a possibility to live in three seasons of the year within the same country: sunny spring in Piran, real autumn in Celje and snowy winter in Škofja Loka.

I have no idea why, but I was pretty much sure that Celje is a medieval town. Well, except of one old castle on the top of the hill I didn’t notice anything medieval. Wherever you travel in Slovenia don’t travel on Saturday-Sundays if you like to meet people on the streets. Celje was one of the most empty towns I saw until now, however it’s one of the biggest town in Slovenia.

It was the trip of EVSes only: Silvia, Janis, me and two another EVSes from Medvode – Raquel (Spain) and Luca (Italy). I would say that these “people from Medvode” are our closest EVS friends, in all kinds of meanings of the word “closest”. Actually these guys invited us to make this trip with them.

We climbed the hill to see the castle but it was closed, anyway we were proud of ourselves that we managed to find that tricky way to Grad. While we were wandering looking for the right way to the castle, landscapes reminded me a beautiful part of Western Serbia – Zlatibor.

Our trip to Celje presented us some good internal jokes:

Vanilla time
Wherever you go in Celje and whatever you order to drink / eat you will have Vanilla experience. Vanilla will find you itself.

In the middle
If you go to the ticket office in Celje to ask the number of the platform of your train, keep in mind that the answer can be “in the middle” :-). So if you have any abilities to think, at least you can exclude the first and the last platforms.