Paris, je t’aime!

Paris, je t’aime!

Paris such as amazing as it was 5 years ago when I saw it for the first time. This summer I had a nice possibility to visit one of my favorite cities again! My friend Julia is doing her internship at the University of Paris-Sud (Orsay), so she invited me to visit her and celebrate her birthday there.

New activities 2013:

  • A very bridge with thousands locks, close to Notre-Dame de Paris.
  • The Luxembourg Gardens and Sorbonne University.
  • One hour waiting under Arc de Triumf, facing all possible winds of Paris.
  • Delicious dinner at Montmartre on Julia’s BD (merci :).
  • Walking a lot to feel Paris better.
  • Louvre during the sunset.
  • Great Versailles with its musical fountains and the longest queue ever (but we overcame it!).
  • Museum d’Orsay with my favorite Vincent van Gogh and his “Starry night”, Claude Monet.
  • A nice boat trip on Seine river.
  • Disappointing place de la Concorde.
  • The typical French party in a overcrowded flat with incredible loud music and voices, but no complaints from neighbors! (at least until 3 a.m.) Probably they remember the time when they were doing exactly the same.

La Tour Eiffel
Evening Montmartre with Sacre Coeur was my favorite place in Paris after my first time there. Now this place became Eiffel tower during the night. We do climbed the tower. :-) The view of Paris is very impressive, but there is no big difference if you are on the 2nd floor or on the highest point, I must say. I’m glad that we did it during the night, because staying inside of an illuminated tower brings you a really cool feeling.

I should come back to Paris in 5 years again, because I still have to see Victor Hugo’s house and St. German monastery, the cemetery and many other things.