Wood in my life

Wood in my life

My first contact with Slovenian wood was through Facebook. Silvia came to Slovenia before me and I wrote her some questions about the weather there etc. For one of the questions I’ve got an answer like “But don’t worry, we have at home all the wood we’ll need for the heater hehehe.” After that I really started to worry. :)

Well, honestly, I was a bit shocked by the first night in our flat. The air in my room was SO COLD – I even couldn’t breathe normally. Nobody heated the flat on that day, all my flatmates went to the concert, but I was so tired after a road that I decided to stay at home. Next morning I was officially introduced to Her Majesty – Peč (a heating device).

The story is that we have a small shed in our yard which is full of wooden logs for heating. Since I was late for the project I missed a great event – delivering of all those logs. According to Silvia’s words and pictures all wooden logs were unloaded in front of the main entrance of the building we live. And then Silvia, Ana-Marija and Matjaž moved all logs into the shed.


So to heat our flat we need to do a “few small things”:

  • to cut small sticks using an axe (I can’t do it, I tried);
  • to carry some logs to our flat (3d floor according to Ukrainian counter of floors);
  • to make fire :) – we need paper, small wooden sticks, logs, matches and a LOT OF patience if you are a beginner :) There are some secretes of making the flame, and each of Slovenians thinks that he/she knows it better;
  • and then every 20-30 minutes you have to be on guard to keep adding some new logs (constantly, he-he).

I discovered that this type of heating is very common around Balkans, but for me it was really NEW experience :-) Now I even like this way of heating, and probably I’m gonna miss it in Ukraine. By the way the wood is beech.