Kind, peaceful and beautiful EVS party

Kind, peaceful and beautiful EVS party

This time is full of common projects. On ZavodO’s initiative we organized EVS party for all EVSes of Slovenia in Ostriga. For the beginning we made a promo video. It’s up to you to judge the result, but I really enjoyed the process while we were making this video.

The event started at 17:00, for those who came on time we asked Matjaz to make a guided tour around Škofja Loka. Then we went to Ostriga where everyone enjoyed grilled vegetables, chevapchichi and some delicious Turkish sauces prepared by Erhan.

According to the plan we made a Jam session, more precisely, those who play musical instruments made it. :-) It was cool and nice, but too short for me, on the other side I can understand musicians who were already a bit tired. Then… a nice dancing night. For people who couldn’t stay until morning were arranged places for sleep in the local scout house.

I personally liked this event, also I heard positive responses about this party. A bit pity that not too many EVSes could come. There were 3 Portuguese girls, 2 German guys, 1 Lithuanian girl, 1 Ukrainian girl, 1 Bulgarian girl, 2 Slovenians (Bulgarian girl’s mentor and friend), 4 Latvian girls who do their Erasmus in Slovenia (invited by Janis) and 5 of us (Silvia, Erhan, Janis, Anastasia, me). And of course we had our mentors, coordinator and some local people who were curious about the party.

The second day was planned for Lubnik, but guys who were motivated to hike the day before were absolutely tired and lazy in the morning, so climbing the mountain was not accomplished. Maybe for the next time. ;)