Canapes competition

Canapes competition

There were 11 contestants in our international canapes competition, representatives of 6 countries: 1 Bulgarian, 1 Latvian, 4 Slovenians, 2 Spanish, 1 Turkish, 2 Ukrainians.


  • bring at least 11 canapes;
  • be ready at 21:00;
  • give 2 Euro for the prize for the winner;
  • taste 1 kind of each canape.

Our voting reminded a Eurovision voting. :) Each of us had to say first 3 places and put points from 3 to 1. A participant who got the most points had won.


  1. Raquel Pastor (Spain) / Medvode, 15 points.
  2. Silvia Prieto (Spain) / Škofja Loka, 9 points.
  3. Viktoria Shnurova (Ukraine) / Škofja Loka, 8 points.

All canapes were tasty and nice. Spanish girls deservedly took their first places. Raquel made the most beautiful canapes – “ladybirds” from tomato, olives, cheese and oregano. Silvia made warm canapes with different from other canapes taste: tomato, fried sweet onion and goat cheese.

I personally didn’t expect that I would take any place at all. I cooked the thing that I wanted to cook for myself quite a long time – fried eggplants with garlic, mayonnaise and tomatoes. It’s very typical Ukrainian food for this time of the year.

P.S. I gave 3 points for Gapis’s canapes, 2 points for Raquel’s and 1 point for Silvia’s.